Pageant Presents Pageant

Pageant Gold on Sale.

A retrospective thank you and farewell.

From 7pm, Friday 26th March. Refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you.

Pageant Presents Pageant

Spring Clean

Pageant embraces the housewifery values it exalts with a vintage spring clean celebrating the evolution of ‘the sale’.

Spring Clean

Advanced Mechanics

Elph and Lyken's ‘Advanced Mechanics’ is the perfect remedy for the January blues. Show opens Friday January 15th from 7pm.

Curated by Recoat Logo

Advanced Mechanics


Saturday 19th December 12noon – 6pm.

Mulled wine, mince pies and merry, merry, merriness one and all....

Christmas Pageant 2009

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

Pageant has a consignment of Deerhoof tickets in-store to sell to you today!

*Synergy Concerts presents...
+ Divorce
The Bongo Club, 8th December, 7.30pm
£12.50 + booking fee


Just one more thing ...

Pageant is open Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm. Come see us soon.

(a big thankyou to Ross, Matthew, Matt et al. Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja runs till November 27th)

Bad Dudes Vs Dragon Ninja

bad Dudes Versus Dragon Ninja

Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja : for the ‘bad dudes’ and ‘dragon ninja’ connoisseur…….

Opens Friday 30th October from 7pm. Runs till 27th November.

Bad Dudes Versus Dragon Ninja

Holy Tornado!

'The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty'. Revered London-based sculptor Alistair McClymont will be showing his ‘Meteorological eye candy’, an Indoor Tornado of water vapour, in store from 7pm Friday, September 25th.


Alistair McClymont Tornado

Through the wire.

Pageant bids farewell to the Edinburgh Festival 2009 and the beautiful Scottish summer.

Our boy Blair wins the award for best spot of the season. Thank the lord he was wearing his ultra cool Cheap Monday shades when he bumped into this chap.


Through the wire


....smacking the vibe just ripe.


Great minds party alike

LuckyMe give cultural paradigms the finger by throwing the greatest party of the Festival. The new music & artist cool-ective are hosting their 2nd annual festival party on Saturday 15th August at Electric Circus from 11pm....And we’ll be there as well.

Lucky Me 2nd Annual Festival Party

Roll Up, Roll Up

Sunday worship faces a renaissance at Pageant in August. Goodliness can be bought as opening times come to the forefront for dressing in tumultuous Festival conditions.

Come see us Mondays – Saturdays 11am – 6pm or on a Sunday 12noon – 5pm .

Opening Times

Always should be someone you really love

Revolutionizing and imbuing YOU with a fresh, upbeat party vibe is all in a days work for Team Pageant. Pageant has clothes for Boys & Girls....

Girls and Boys

Going, Going, Gone

Recoat pioneers REKOR + SYRKUS host an urban art auction of their work from Glasgow’s Hinterland Festival. Commissioned by Red Bull, all of the profits are going to ‘Wings for Life’, a spinal cord research charity. May 28th from 7pm at Edinburgh’s GRV.

Recoat Art Auction

Monkey Magic

Yet another spankingly brilliant collab with West Side Recoaters and Big Sis. The "funkiest monkey that ever popped?" Come have a look-see at Kirsty Whiten’s paste up experiment monkey death shrine in store. Friday May 29th from 7pm.

Monkey Magic

Jack your body.

To celebrate their recently released version of the huge 80s hit 'Love Can't Turn Around' by Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk Back Yard Recordings have issued a limited run of awesome tees. House legend Darryl Pandy who vocals on the track has been turned into cosmic illustration by uber talented illustrator and video maker Dan Has Potential. Pageant is lucky enough to be getting it's paws on a few. Bonus, it comes with a CD of the remixes.


Here's Looking At You!

We're proud to be hosting Focal Range, a forward-looking retrospective by a good friend of ours, Derm. Head over on Friday 1st May from 7pm for a mixed media exhibition, focussing on the prevalence of CCTV in the urban environment. If you're not there, we'll be keeping a close eye on you...!

Derm, Focal Range

Let It Reign

On Tuesday the 28th April we will be joining forces with our friends at Motherfunk. We will be showcasing some of our latest threads for boys and girls from labels Cheap Monday, Oddities, CTRL and Rockers NYC. As well as some super fancy hand picked vintage exclusives. George Street here we come. Let it reign.

Motherfunk April 2009

Spring sprung sprang!

We're toasting the launch of our new season this Friday 3 April from 6.30pm and we've love you to swing by. New dopeness for him and her from Cheap Monday, CTRL, Rockers and many more, not to mention heaps of dashing vintage discoveries. Refreshments come courtesy of our friends at Ancnoc Whisky. YUM!

Spring 2009

Matt Swan

Apart from having the finest imaginary band name in the entire world. Matthew Swan is also a talented and lovely young man. He was kind enough to to take time out from his studies at ECA to add some paint to Pageant just in time for spring - see his genius for yourself this Friday!

Matt Swan

Digital Love!

TM PGNT have kindly been invited to submit some work by those way out west-coast groovers at Recoat. Expect some SERIOUS progressive-rock based imagery and heavy astral analogue sounds… Opens on Friday 6 March! We'll be in Kaftans of course.

Digital Love

Set Sale

Yass! January is very nearly behind us, and to celebrate the departure of that most miserable of months we are having an actual sale, which starts this Saturday 31 January! Come on down for considerable cheapness on CTRL, Rockers, Cheap Monday, vintage goodies and much more besides...


Happy New Year

Hope that Saint Nick brought you all that you desired and that you enjoyed at least one Moore-era Bond film! The end of the festive season was doubly heartbreaking for us as we had to say 'bye to Andrew and Dean's magnificent installation. Still, there's always this nice wee piece on The Devoted in this month's i-D to cheer us up... Plus our post-Christmas virtual sale, now!

Happy New Year 2009

Light Fantastic

We got all festive last Friday! Mince pies, mulled wine, marvellously mellow music and a mindblowingly momentous installation. Mmmm! Santa-sized thanks go to Dean and Andrew/Samoyed for all their efforts, best instore yet! If you want some of their unique decorations, be quick as they are going VERY fast… Samoyed EPs coming soon too. Merry Christmas from TM PGNT!

Light Fantastic

Christmas Special

This Friday (5 December) sees the official launch of our Festive installation from Dean Brown and Samoyed. It has to be seen to be believed. I had the pleasure of meeting these chaps at Samoyed's recent Glasgow gig - you'll be hearing a lot more about them before long so come down and say 'I was there'...

Christmas Special

Class of 2008

Thanks to all the punks, jocks, geeks, freaks and swots who made it to our Fast Times at Pageant High night. Something tells me there was more than fruit juice in the punch... Well played The Blessings, Eclair Fi-Fi, Jheorgge, BomBom and team - and you!

Class of 2008

Back to School

Class is most definitely IN this coming Friday night, as we host another party with those darned talented LuckyMe fellas. This time it's at the Art School, hence the collegiate theme... Dress Fancy!

Back to School


Cheap Monday, CTRL, Rockers NYC, The Devoted, Married to the Mob, Vintage Barbour, Vintage Sebago, Vintage Nike, Vintage Supreme (if you are really lucky!!). The list continues. We'll get the kettle on…


That's Devotion

We just took delivery of the newest designs from our pals at The Devoted, available in store now and online soon! In case you didn't know, the guy in the photo is Michael Kopelman from Gimme 5/Hideout, without whom UK street fashion would not be what it is today. Props.

Michael Kopelman

We've got the Deuce!

Cast aside your Italian track frames and limited-edition double name tees. The future lies in dressing up as Kiss from the neck up. Also, don't drink 10% proof Brooklyn chocolate stout. Ever.

Pageant Halloween 2008

East Side Walk it Out…

Our inaugural LuckyMe Pageant was suitably radical - with Denim and Leather as the theme how could it be anything but? BomBom's crack team of models stepped up, and the dancing started the minute the walk-off stopped. Hold tight the Forest, LuckyMe fam, BomBom, Uberjugend and everyone who danced! Next one 21st November…

Lucky Me Pageant 2008

We are the internet!

It is the future you see! Pageant is now an actual virtual shop as well as being an actual, actual shop. Our swish new online store is up and running, thanks to the extra efforts of resident webmaker Sandy Logan. Thanks also to supermodels Keiron and Mike, who selflessly threw shapes for Chris's photographic alter ego. New season stock arriving daily - go and buy stuff!

Online Shop open

L is for Pageant

We're incredibly chuffed to be the Scottish stockist of The Devoted, a tasty new UK label. Amazing details and refreshingly subtle designs, instore this week - but be swift as they certainly won't stick around for long…

The Devoted

Just Peachy

We had a remarkably civilised soiree to launch our delightful new installation by the lovely Katy & Nina aka Peach, following which everyone regrouped Under the Stairs for more fun. Sunday evenings are the new Thursday nights!



Santogold hearts Rockers NYC.
You too can kick it in the Dopethrone, in store now
Utta utta an iya.


L is for Pageant

Disc jockey, scientist and all around awesome greek bon viveur, L was spotted in some of our wares recently (Cheap Monday jeans, shirt and CTRL tee in case you were wondering). Looking good in a good look homie! Buy some fresh Pageant goodies too and you might just end up with a smidgeon of his encyclopedic musical knowledge...


We're on the List, actually…

Our good friends at the List Magazine asked us to keep a little Pageant diary in the hectic run up to our opening night - read it here:

The List

Thanks to Jannica for the lovely pics too! We lookin' good...

The List

Writin' my name...

Recoat, our fam through West (who have helped us out immensely, not least with an awesome Keirin-influenced piece they pulled out of the bag days before we opened - THANKS AGAIN AMY AND ALI WE OWE YOU!) are hosting an incredible exhibition which opens on 16th August.

Participating artists include Futura, Stash, Crash, Daze, Insa, Sheone and Fatsarazzi and literally tons of others. I cannot stress how excited we are about this one! See you there…


Wooooo is coming through.

Pageant just took delivery of Wooooo, a truly radical little publication from NYC comprising the funniest and most enjoyable interviews you'll ever see. Buy one for holiday reading, marvel at the delightful layout and then laugh a lot. In that order. (Yo thanks for the tee Jason and Chris! Cats and tacos finally united as one...)


Another yellow brick in the wall.

Come with us over the rainbow (refracted through an awesome prism combining indigo and violet into a single, vibrant purple stripe. Woah...)

This Friday (27 June) Team Pageant are staging the screeing/sonic experiment often referred to as the Dark Side of the Rainbow - based on the popular theory that there is synchronicity between Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album and the 1939 MGM classic Wizard of Oz.

Come down with an open mind, enjoy some (legal) post work refreshments and see for yourself if there really is a Dark Side!

From 7pm…

Another Yellow Brick In the Wall

Wee Rogue represents Team Pageant

Hugely talented Fife/Glasgow songcraftsman the wee rogue was spotted in a tasty Pageant vintage number at a recent Wee Red Bar fundraiser for the fantastically monikered Dolphinstock festival. Yo Jamie - sorry for the head crop but my phone camera skills leave a lot to be desired. Plus the Red Stripe matches the red stripe, get me?

Wee Rogue

We're Here!

Hello world, Pageant is open for business! We are a mansized menswear boutique in sunny Edinburgh, Scotland, stocking such labels as Cheap Monday, Rockers NYC, CTRL, Isomorph, Fjallraven and many more, not to mention an ever-expanding assortment of awesome vintage gear. We'll have a webstore up and at 'em before you can say "I never leave the house", but until then, feel free to pop past the shop and say howdy!

We're Here!

First Knight

Thanks to everybody who came down a few weeks back to help us celebrate the shop launch. At one point it was about 8 bodies deep out front… I honestly never thought I'd see the day when someone blended Red Wine with Red Bull. Delicious AND renowned for its health-giving properties, much like Berocca. Anyway, we'll be hosting events throughout the summer (and if the weather stays this nice it could become an everyday occurrence), so sign up to our mailing list or myspace page for info and invites.

First Knight

The stuff cabinet.

Never mind all those incredible vintage tees and must-have flannel shirts, this is where the good stuff lives. A combination of Victorian museum cabinet and boy's bedroom from about 1992. I think it might take on a life of its own soon…

The Stuff Cabinet

Vinyl rules.

Never forget it. Isomorph, Upset the Rhythm, Crystal Wish. Others soon come.

Vinyl Rules

We do like Mondays.

Primarily because we are closed then and so can get a lie in, but really we be talkin' bout Swedish denim supremos Cheap Monday. We are honoured to be the Edinburgh stockist for these fine Scandinavian fellas, as their jeans are pretty much perfect. Lovely checked shirts too, gotta have em for the hardcore fans!

Cheap Mondays

Kate Moross is busier than you.

At the ripe old age of 22 creative wunderkind Kate Moross has worked with just about every groovy band from the nowadays era, including lovable Weegie mentalists Gay Against You (Have you seen them live? On-stage costume changes, serious!) She also just toured as part of HeartsRevolution. Plus she designs and draws for all kinds of non-music clients and yet still finds the time to run her own arty record label, Isomorph. Super limited green vinyl and lovely foily tees available at Pageant you know…

Kate Moross

How we see it.

What nice neighbours we have here! We thought we'd share the view from our front window… How many other independent shops can you think of that have an actual castle across the street?


Team Pageant wants you.

We'd like to to teach the world to sing, or at least make some new special friends. Visit our MySpace Page to join the family, then we'll message ya with news on events, new products, gigs, parties, trips to the beach - that sort of thing.

Join Us